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The Brilliant Brush-Strokes of Autism: Volume I

Ryan W. Tracy hadn’t said a word in almost forty years when his family discovered he’s a remarkable artist and poet.

He had been diagnosed with autism at age seven and lived in a world of his own until the day he picked up a paint brush, which gave him the gift of words.

Those words came out in a flood of art and poetry that celebrate landscapes, flowers, ribbons of color, valleys of hope, and the power of love.

His poems are just as remarkable as his artwork. In “The Wild Me,” he celebrates his spirit, writing:

The wildness of my soul finds its grace in the most creative ventures

The singular blowing tree bends but never breaks

Autism seeks to break my wild spirit from within

I stand strong in hurricane force trials that place storms at my branches

I refuse the call to quit

Infused with wonder, talent, and beauty, you’ll be inspired to keep reaching for the heavens no matter what obstacles stand in the way with The Brilliant Brush-Strokes of Autism.